I'm a Wisconsinite and Missouri student. I'm a griffin-puff. I'm a magazine hoarder. I'm a feminist. I'm an easy laugh. *I'm a hugger (*was). I'm a collage wizard. I'm an avid (fiction) reader. I'm a thrift-shopper. I'm a creative thinker and team player.

I've been known to eat an entire bag of chocolate chips in one sitting. I've been to Europe and hope (need) to go again. I've re-listened to the Harry Potter audiobooks 7 times. I've rearranged the furniture in my studio too many times.

If I love it you'll know about it. If you talk to me about podcasts I'll love you forever. If you reach out, I'll respond. If you buy me a plant, I'll (accidentally) kill it.

I want to visually tell stories with like-minded, passionate and enthusiastic people, and I want to talk to you! 

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Hudson, WI

Columbia, MO

Email: madison.dare.wisse@gmail.com

Tel: 715.523.0702